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Custom foot orthotics

Custom foot orthotics


Podiatric biomechanical orthotic devices, also called foot appliances, shoe inserts, foot beds or arch supports, are semi-permanent devices which are placed either on the foot or in the shoe to improve foot function in much the same way that spectacles improve imperfect eyesight. An orthotic may be designed to carry out any one or a combination of different functions.


Made-to-measure devices include cushioned insoles, heel raises and various types of removable pads and with competent measuring give very good value. The more sophisticated custom moulded orthosis are made to a specific foot shape based on casting or scanning techniques providing an accurate model. Together with a prescription resulting  from a biomechanical examination, a functionally correct device made from appropriate materials, will give the ideal position for walking and standing.


Examples of those considering using orthotics, may be experiencing pain or disability but could also be sports people wishing to improve performance. Orthoses can also be very useful for those suffering with neuropathy , requiring reduction of stresses or redistribution of pressures.

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