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Golf and Podiatry

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Golf and Podiatry

Are your aches and pains interfering with your game?

Pain in your, hips, knees and back can be linked to your foot mechanics. In golf, a proportion of the swing comes from the lower limbs. It is therefore crucial to address any lower limb related problems correctly.

If you are experiencing pain in these joints or even the feet themselves, asking basic questions and taking simple measures can often be enough to address the problem.

Ask yourself:
1.  Do my shoes fit my feet correctly? Wearing shoes that are too tight is an obvious problem but wearing shoes that are too big can be just as bad. If a shoe is too big for the foot, the little muscle in the foot and even further up the skeletal system have to work really hard to keep the shoe on and maintain stability.

2. Have I just recently purchased a new pair of golf shoes? If so, do they still need to be ‘broken in’? Shoes that are too stiff can rub against the skin creating blisters and chaffing. An easy way to break in new shoes is to wear them for short periods in the rain! Alternate your new shoes with your old ones until you’re ready to make a permanent switch.

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